Streetoutlaws BigChiefs Twin Turbo Pontiac

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n5ifi says:

Oh ya, that’s a street car. Goooood grief.?

MrDynamicspower says:

aww ok they yt all screwed up.?

Cody Castro says:

I hope your show are real an scripted. Love you show. R.I.P FLIP?

Robert Botello says:

That was Sean (murder nova)?

The1969ssx66 says:

your just beating the piss out of that block, I’m sure you can find a nice
used 502 and punch it 100 or so and stroke it to 640 for those twin happy blow that fuel..that would be double the hp you have now……. c)?

kevin desjadon says:

hang on does chief even drive his own car???i am pretty sure that was him
filming it at the end and pointing what lane won???

Dylan TheBeast says:

Who won the last race between Chuck and Chief??

mxboarder222 says:

bad ass car needs some headlights so you can see while getting down on the

Patrick G says:

Need more power at half track?

cletus2941 says:


TuffEnuffIII says:

Why does everybody have to stand on the track? ?

Patrick G says:

But nice?

TheMotor29 says:

murder needs to race larry Larson….?

woodman7212 says:

Very nice. Good job chief ?

Raymond Barry says:

And yes he drives the crow.?

TheMotor29 says:

chief…your car is a sled out of the hole?

woodman7212 says:

Very nice. Good job chief ?

Raymond Barry says:

Chief is wearing racing pants. And isn’t the guy filming at the no prep.?

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