Smart with Hayabusa engine

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I got the music from here: If you liked the old song better, you can get it yourself from audioswap – search for “W…

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mulgeroinen says:

All rise for the national anthem? of youtube

Jonathan Rosas says:

Ohh Truee?

Pajamasification says:

That post was 8 months ago,? 144p hasn’t been around for 8 months yet :P

OfficialDailee3 says:

What up guys :)
I’m an Electronic music producer from Texas and I produce mostly House, Trance and Dubstep
I would really appreciate it, if you listen to some of my songs on my channel and give? me some feedback.
So give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed!
P.S: Yes, I know you hate Spam, but I have no money for Advertisements because I spend all my money on Music Equipment :D …just kidding :D

Daulton Ashlaw says:

That’s? a smart I’d drive

Ian Williams says:


Jonathan Rosas says:

you skipped? 144p

gmaxson91 says:

A? fast turd…

Begginer1000 says:

240p so we meet agian?

show-san sugoihito says:


EVODeltaintegrale says:

Whatch also the Channel? of Piecha Design …. Other great stuff for Car enthusiasts

tubestore says:

??3286?ss ???? ??? ?????

GaNgStAlBeRt says:

upload date 2006
the time where everyone had a nokia? xD

azura13liss says:

did you capture this? video using a VCR?

Outkast1 says:

Did? you buy the engine for him? If so take it away from him…… AHHH you didn’t right? THEN GO AND BUY ONE AND BUILD YOUR OWN VEHICLE & POST VIDEOS!

Outkast1 says:

People talking shit like always, cant appreciate someones video simple click on a different one without leaving shitty comments, unless you have videos on? your page… That would eliminate 80-90% of BS THUMBS UP IF YOU THINK THIS IS A BADASS RIDE!!!

gary anderson says:

everyone trying to slate the vid but i think that would be pretty good fun and it would fly as well? go-kart on the road

Schuba Schaluba says:

Dude, this was ’06!?

jimmyhoffa9 says:

This dude must have a big wang.?

jimmyhoffa9 says:

What about a wheelie bin, or worse,? the box it came in?

toldee says:

What a waste of a Hayabusa engine, I cannot think? of anything more unsuitable to put It in!

jonnjg75 says:


xXxHuhnxXx says:

did you? film it with your calculater?

?????? ??????? says:

motorola c650
this video?

awpzaint4noobz says:

240p? for safety reasons

Arun999 says:


xanomie says:

Gee… Really bitching about a video filmed/uploaded in 2006? before HD video cameras were mainstream?

Just enjoy it for what it is.

SchwabTV says:

nice !?

scumlander says:

Top two comments make this? video all worthwhile

John Rupp says:


Craig Freeman says:

Do you have mint?? Perhaps some binaca?

ibsabur says:

Watch my 2012 BMW S1000RR DEFEAT a 2011? Kawasaki ZX10R on? a Top Speed 186MPH+? RUN!

YouTube? Search—> watch?v=CMrJNxeG7Hg

jezwah says:

Excuse me…. I need to…. ASS you a question?

Tiffany Cabral says: ??

Kresimir Madarosi says:

the? most fucked up music ever!!!

beyondthehaze says:

In your opinion it’s “hatred.” You’re just? saying that because I’m White and I care about my people.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

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