Lada Tuning

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emppuuz says:

What is the point of tuning an car like that. you should bougth an better
car whit cash you spent tuning that piece shit.?

Valeriu Rotari says:


Danik Zerbucek says:


Rene Rovira says:


trenex1 says:


Carl Melbourne says:

Nice Ultimate Lada :D ?

Piotr Damiecki says:

Please name song :D

Marek jagercik says:

Song name pleaaase :) :)

hristiqn asenov says:

e takava luda lada ne bqh vijdal

Krisztián Ábrahám says:

Beautifuel! :D

Chrize Dávid says:

tuti verda

an men says:

? ??? ?? ?????? , ” ????? ?????? ?????? ?????”,!!!!

Farkas Akos says:

Nagyon állatlett p?pec 1 lada :D Meien zene szól? :D

ildemaro ortega says:

????????????, ? ??????? ???? ??????????? ? ????? ?????? ? Lada ?????????
??? ?????, ? ????? ??? ??-???????????, ?? ??????, ? ???? ? Fiat 131 ?
?????? ???, ????? ???????, ?? ??????, ???? ?? ? ?????? ???? ??????? ?
?????????? ?????????, ???????.

Ali ivor Romero Da Silva says:


W yenobek says:

Ez kéne nekem is. :D

Nem mondom says:

Na ez már kocsi

allergic63 says:

Great work. The front, i like the most, but matches the rest of the car, of

Pucko LoodY LeXa says:

trosi 300L na otvorenom….

ivanovst1 says:

Eba taq lada

bubu s says:

ez gyönyörü

Roomm72 says:

I think I had heart the bass at home :D

Ubul Kis says:

Black Angel feat Olya Milaxa – Vova Baggage (Ivan Frost Remix)

bulletspeedmania says:

song name???

Plamen Dimitrov says:

please what song name

kalle-kalvi kruusamäe says:

??, ??? ???????? ???? ???????

Benjamin Franklin says:

Hi from venezuela. i have a lada too. i have to tell you just made a great
job! you mantained the original style but adding some new stuff which makes
it modern but classic, not like those lada-tunning-japanese ones which does
not make it justice. I was wondering, which headlights are those you use?
they´re so cool! and the handles and gearshift how can i get it? they´re
awesome! i´m restoring mine too. thanks man!

kmica2008 says:


???? ???? says:

?? ?? ? ??????? ??????,??????? ????????????????????? ?? ? ??? ?????

Josy Ribeiro says:

esse ficou show !!!?

kornél el?d says:

Kell egy ilyen?

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