Hayabusa Turbo Powered Smart Car

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Jesus Calderon says:

How long did this? project Last you? I mean the way you were treating it was pretty fucking shitty

Jason Atkins says:

F Yes…….?

samspace81 says:

so do something impressive with it instead of? driving it like a 15 year old, bouncing the rev limiter.

Chuval Tyler says:

I love this!!!?

blake1405 says:

hard to say, new smart cars are expensive, this whole thing was? probably like 30 grand? rough guess

aaron16847 says:

that looks like so much fun.? how much would this cost

John Doe says:

Smart donuts?

nakanakila808 says:

haha turbo tht busa? engine

Mark Gordon-Ross says:

I want? one. How do I get one ?

zx10ninga says:

Where can? I get one how much

d2mcgill says:

Wow… you are a terrible driver… Zero? finesse, or skill!!! But, nice car!


If i have a smart car and a hayabusa engine how the hell do? i do this?

Glock23likeMike says:

Ahh? that would be amazing to drive

sledman56ify says:

So much power sucks he can’t drive , you should stick to? pedal bike

brodysmbp says:

Oh dear? god, i want one now

thedalailama245 says:

Lol the? kid

kickemassicus says:

Thats one smart car i wouldnt be embarrased to drive?

Nick Morton says:

Lmao he slung dirt at that kid on the deck, I would? drive one if it had a busa engine in it

Mike Zahnow says:

You get better milage with a motorcycle so why not put a cycle engine? in a small car. All the smart cars I’ve seen only get 30 mpg and its not worth it. They should call them dumb cars just junk!

h8ncars says:

Nobody really has asked this from what I have seen of these smart busas, but? what’s the gas mileage like? 30+??

Joshua Scully says:

Build me one??

jjgtz0413 says:

That’s something I’ll buy?

Sydney Baldivia says:

Did anyone else notice at 1:20 he ended up in the grass and flung shit at the kid on the deck. I? was rolling

plaidjunky says:

Why the fuck didnt smart cars put busa? motors in from the start? You know how many collage and high school kids would get these?

Dez Litten says:

That was pretty cool but it was annoying that? you kept doing that and not race.

mistermodified1 says:

Sounds like? gran turismo.

Tyler Dooley says:

That’s great for the motor, try not to? hit that rev limiter with such a load on the engine. It will be toast before you know it .

Frederik Maertens says:

can you buy this? And how? much does this costs? I’m from belgium grtz

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