2008 IVECO Stralis 500. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour.

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2008 IVECO Stralis 500. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour. Hello everyone! This is the 500th video on Youtube thanks everyone for support. I decided to mak…

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William Japianto says:

the? truck si very drunk

paulnice99 says:

who cares,he makes? good videos.

Witzco608 says:

Sorry I ask this but what does the G and L stand for? I’ve seen it alot but never really got? what it meant. If anyone can explain I’d greatly appreciate it!

lrtsuqa1996 says:


Is it an? Italian thing? :P

marco rossi says:

copy? of saabkyle04

nissanhusky95 says:

Love the? chime!

Cdek654 says:

makes me laugh everytime?

Zeus Canine says:

my favourite? truck

Gran Turismo 5 TV says:

1:06<——–THAT HORN!!?

Mitsos Da Best says:

Italian? truck and it still works? =O

TheChevy64Impala says:

I was with my uncle this holidays in Spain and Italy we was drive? that beauty Iveco Stralis 2008 450 E5 :)

Vasile Nikk says:

xaxaa smrt za? IVECO

vito gioli says:

ciao mancano delle luci? il quadro te le segna

Arthur Ratkevich says:

??? ???????,??? ???? ????? ???????? ??? saabkyle04 :@@@@@ , ?? ???????…

Cdek654 says:

there are not always on the roof, don’t call idiots for? no reason.

djultrasonic100 says:

Sorry, I confused, clacson is “horn” in? my language (Italian). I want say it sounds like the horn of a city car. Where’s that deafening sound which only a truck can have?

santosbl01 says:

What the? heck is a clacson?

djultrasonic100 says:

That’s not an air horn. That’s a simple? clacson like cars’.

Addafo says:

und erst? mal fehlermeldungen ohne ende…. typisch iveco



mlps93 says:

we need more euro trucks in north america

gravitygun123 says:

Nice video! can? you make more truck reviews thx.

Sebastian Sandro says:

OMG IDIOTS! SHOW 1:55-2:00 No HORNS on ROOF? idiots!

santosbl01 says:

Hahahaha!? The horn! 1:06

TheAlexv6 says:

So different? than American trucks

talldude123 says:

Pretty sure that’s the wimpiest horn I’ve ever? heard!

truckschevrolet says:

1:06-1:07 hahahahahaha?

MegaRetr says:

@MrMK94 Try to find this car=)?

MegaRetr says:

@talldude123 Thanks.?

MrMK94 says:

Nice! You? should a video of a Ford Transit.

Annihilator1111 says:

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